2016 Global Korean Youth Network

- Participants invited to apply -
2016 Global Korean Youth Network

Overseas Koreans Foundation(OKF) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an exclusive organization for overseas Koreans. Since being established in 1997, OKF has helped 7.2 million overseas  Koreans so that they would maintain ethnic tie and individually develop into a model citizen in his(her) residential country. 

OKF holds「2016 Global Korean Youth Network」every year for overseas Korean teenagers and university students who will become the putative leaders of the overseas Korean communities in future.

This is an opportunity for Overseas Korean teenagers and university students from around the world to come together and communicate with one another. During this training, they will experience mother country's society, culture and history, so that they can raise self-worth as Korean people and develop leadership.

We are inviting overseas Korean teenagers and university students to join us for「2016 Global Korean Youth Network」

1. Outline of the training

  a. The name of the training :「2016 Global Korean Youth Network」
  b. The purpose of the training
   ◦ Provide overseas Korean teenagers and university students with a chance to build up Korean identity and
     social network by experiencing mother country's society, culture and history.

   ◦ Promote a sense of fellowship among Korean teenagers and university students both at home and abroad so that
     they help one another grow into global leaders in future.

  c. Training period
   ◦ Middle and High School students(Session 2): July 12th (Tue.)~July 19th(Tue.) <7 nights 8 days>
   ◦ High School graduates and College students(Session 3): July 27th (Wed.)~August 3rd(Wed.) <7 nights 8 days>

  d. Venue : Seoul, Local areas
  e. For whom
   ◦ For whom : Overseas Korean teenagers and university students
     - 2nd Training: 13~23 years old(by July 1st, 2016)
     ※ Only in the case of Russia and CIS, those aged 15~18(in  full) are allowed.
        (Under 15 year old students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to travel overseas)
    - 3rd Training: 18~23 years old(by July 1st, 2016)
     ※ 18 year old students are allowed to choose the program because schools have distinct academic calender

  ◦ The number of participants : 760 people
   - Middle․High School students 480 / High School graduates and University students 280
  ◦ Qualification for application
   - Overseas Koreans who are legitimately living abroad as citizens, permanent residents, Korean adoptees or 
      marriage immigrants more than 5 years.  
   - Those who have contributed to overseas Korean community and have excellent results of public service.
   - Those who are sound in mind and body, and able to practice camp training(Attending classes, trip, etc)
   - Those who have not committed a legal wrong with regard to a departure permit in their residential country.
     Those underage must get parents' consents.(Submission of a consent form is required.)

  f. Training contents(For more details, refer to attached file.)
   1) Arriving in Korea and registering in the camp.
   2) Opening ceremony
   3) Traditional culture experience, theme travel and homestay
   4) City Tour, K-pop, K-food, and K-Culture experience
   5) The proud Korean campaign. Korean language camp
   6) Leadership forum. Public diplomacy forum
   7) Visit the fields of creative economy. Communicate with teenagers and university students in Korea
   8) Closing ceremony
     ※ The above programs are subject to change.

2. Application

 a. Application period : Feb. 18~Apr. 18 / Make sure to check the deadline for applications set by a diplomatic office
     in your residential country.

 b. Documents for submission (①~④ required, ⑤,⑥ optional)
  ① Application form (with photo), Permission to Request and Use Personal Information
      (You can download it from the website)
  ② A letter of self-introduction(choose either in Korean or in English) ※ clearly state where you were born and how
     long have you lived there.
  ③ A copy of the passport
  ④ A copy of the proof of enrollment or admission letter
  ⑤ Documents to show that you have special talents for a certain field or have been awarded. (Duplicates)
  ⑥ Recommendation letter(from the principal or counselor)
   ※ The applicant must fill in the application form including other documents by online via the foundation’s website
      (www.korean.net), print them out, and submit them to an overseas diplomatic office. (If you have a problem in
      accessing, you can download the formats directly in Word file.)
   ※ The application and all documents must be in either Korean or in English.
   ※ Make sure your contact information(e.g. email address, phone number) is recently updated. We communicate by
      an email. So especially check your e-mail box frequently. Please also provide your emergency contact information
      and a contact information where you can be reached when you are in Korea.

c. Where to submit : Diplomatic office in the country where you live.

3. Selection and support

 a. Selection procedures
  ◦ Receipt of applications in the diplomatic offices(Apr. 18)
  ◦ Screening for selection in OKF(May. 11)
  ◦ Notify the selectees of the result.(Mar. 16)
   - Post on the diplomatic office homepage and OKF homepage (www.korean.net).
   ※ The above schedule may change depending on OKF's circumstances.

 b. Preferential treatment
  ◦ Those who are excellent in Korean language (Only when a copy of the certificate is submitted, this is recognized.)
  ◦ Special talents, prize winner and social service activities
  ◦ One who has got his(her) principal's recommendation.

 c.  The number of people allocated by areas


The number of people



North America 180



Europe 60



Asia · Oceania 100



Africa · Mideast 10



Central and south America 50



RussiaCIS 210



China 150






Note 1」‘2nd’ team is for middle․high school students(480 people), ‘3rd’ team is for university․preuniversity students
(280 people)

Note 2」The above allocation may change depending on the status of application by continent or country.
If the number of applicants is fewer than that of allocation in a certain area, those recommended from other area will
be allocated instead.   


 d. Support contents
  ◦ Airfare
   - Participant pays principle
   - CIS area(Korean's diaspora) : 100% funded(Round-trip ticket, Economy class)
   ※ In the case of Russia and Kazakhstan, 50% funded(One-way ticket, Economy class)
    - Korean descendants in Mexico and Cuba : 100% funded(Round-trip ticket, Economy class)
  ◦ Board and lodging. Training expense
  ◦ Medical insurance(Travel insurance)

4. Enquiry
  ◦ The person concerned : Yoo Ji Youn(Asst. Manager) in Future Generations Depart.
  ◦ Contact No.
    - Tel : 82-2-3415-0175,  Fax : 82-2-3415-0118
   - email : gkyn@okf.or.kr  Website : www.korean.net

1. Application Form
2. Consent form for provision and application of personal information
3. 2016 Global Korean Youth Network Schedule